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     Josh Hemmo is a NYC based freelance lighting designer. He is originally from Tucson, AZ where he graduated with a BFA in Theatrical Design and Production from the University of Arizona. He also worked as the Lighting Fellow at Berkeley Repertory Theatre (BRT) during their 2016-2017 season.

      He has been fortunate enough to pursue his passion for lighting design with theaters all over the country. His work ranges from saturated, immersive musicals to naturally lit Shakespeares and more. He also had the opportunity to  work in a wide variety of projects such as the west coast tour lighting director for the Moscow Ballet, an architectural lighting internship with Available  Light! and had the chance to work as assistant and associate for renowned designers during his time at BRT.

     With each design, Josh strives to bring a deep emotional connection and power to his work. Through lighting, he is able to achieve well-developed and beautifully crafted looks that bring a sense of empathy and life to the stage. A strong collaborator, Josh offers a calming and friendly presence to any team and is ready to lend a hand when needed.

     Outside of theater, Josh enjoys pursuing other artistic outlets including drawing, graphic design, cooking, and even podcasting (check out He's obsessed with dogs and loves eXploring nature and drinking beer.

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